Sometimes in life the hardest part about it is letting go, trust me I know. I’ve never been the person that expresses my feeling to anyone. Its a matter of not being able to, not necessarily the physical action but more the thought process that comes right before it. So… without further interruptions, welcome to my mind. I feel dead inside, like a dying plant thats screaming for water. The water is a person. I feel so alone, all I’ve wanted out of life is someone to share it with. I can’t continue to live like this and pretend that everything is okay when in reality I’m dying inside. Every girl I’ve met is out to get something whether it be money, pity sex ect. I’m  tired of it.  I think to myself that I’m meant to be alone, or the woman I was supposed to end up with has long past. Whatever the case may be, its written for everyone to see and I could care less.